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edCampSeattle took place in Seattle, WA on November 17th, 2012. This unconference was organized as a by teachers for teachers. This is a incomplete record of learning.

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edCamp SeattleWhat is an unconference? Come enjoy a day with colleagues from around the Northwest in beautiful Seattle. Arrive with an idea for a sessi…
#edcamp brings voices from all parts together, knocks some reality into our conversations. #edcampseattleRichard Kassissieh
Where do #teachers find the time to learn, share, reflect? #edCampSeattle! 5 Clock hours – 11/17: de Haan

Saturday morning

Rain coat: check. Rain boots: check. Coffee: check. iPad: check. I’m ready for #edcampseattle!Cheryl Steighner
Getting ready for #edcampseattle Ingersoll
Ready for #EdCampSeattle with @techwithintent @dwicksspu @MsHoughton @janiesssallee and @cherylsteighner McGrann
The room is all a buzz! #edcampseattle Steighner
Crowd is filling in….energy is building! Glad to be here at #edcampseattle. Bamford
RT @techwithintent: After a full work week, #teachers head to #edCampSeattle to continue refining their craft. #eduAwesome
Hanging with @dwicksspu @mrmcgrann @techwithintent @ingersoll_ryan @cherylsteighner #edCampSeattleSPU Instr Tech Svcs
It begins! #EdCampSeattleKevin McCarthy
Listening to the welcome session at #EdCampSeattle good job guys!jakebooker
Excited about this first session on Student Blogging @edcampseattle! Creach

Big questions and deep thoughts

"You can’t break the Internet." ~@jakebookerteach #EdCampSeattleEdCampSeattle
Can we use student voice to help break down adolescent assumptions about the universality of their own experiences? #EdCampSeattleD. Bettinger
K-12 How do you handle economic disparities with BYOD? #EdcampseattleJaniess Sallee
There are no instructions #edCampSeattleMike Martyn
Does your school have an online safety curriculum? #edcampseattleAnthony McGrann
"We gain cultural competency when we’re immersed. Adults need to immerse themselves in the world kids are in." ~@ThinkGal #EdCampSeattleMs. Shannon Houghton
Having a common set of leaning objectives can be good. Getting kids to meet them the same way isn’t (good — or necessary). #EdCampSeattleD. Bettinger
"How do we incorporate technology and innovative learning into the classroom when some students’ basic needs are not met?" #EdcampSeattleChangeMySchool
How are you using tablets to produce content? #EdcampseattleJaniess Sallee
second tweet! Mind blown now by twitter ideas and implications for classroom discussions at the high school level #edcampseattleTara Lee
Conversation and relationship are the baseline, and everyone’s practice can benefit from thinking about them. #EdCampSeattleD. Bettinger

Design thinking

Design is invisible until it fails – Bruce Mau #EdCampSeattlejakebooker
Design. It’s not about the problem, it’s about the human perception of the problem. Interesting! #EdCampSeattlejeepsterboy
I think design thinking is hard, confusing and messy. I like it. #edcampseattle #designthinkingDavid Wicks
A final prototype from our #edcampseattle #designthinking session – Instagram enabled locket. #milliondollaridea is Learning
Why use design thinking? #edcampseattle #designingthinkingDavid Wicks
Stanford’s d.School book #EdCampSeattleRyan Ingersoll
loved the #designthinking session at #edcampseattle. for me, a new way to think about solving problemsRonak Patel
#edCampSeattle All resources from sessions on Critical Conversations and #designthinking available are now at is Learning

Apps (iOS)

Jumped in on iPad session at #Edcampseattle What apps are you using in the classroom?Janiess Sallee
Bloom’s Taxonomy + Apps: #edcampseattle #appsDavid Wicks
Coach’s Eye #edcampseattle curtis
#edcampSeattle – here are the iP@d apps my students are currently using: de Haan
Apps worth investigating: Discovr Apps, Skitch, Doceri, Remind101 #EdcampseattleJaniess Sallee
Place to peer review mobile apps: #edcampseattle @MERLOTorg #appsDavid Wicks
My experience with iOS (iPads) management with Apple’s response. #edcampseattle Ingersoll

Google Apps

Getting teacher buy-in – use Google Apps for tasks teachers already need to do. Get them familiar with the tools. #edcampseattleJess Creach
WHY (introducing Google Apps) – increases collaboration, pulls the teacher back & lets students learn from each other more. #edcampseattleJess Creach

Stanford DNLE MOOC reflections

Designing a New Learning Environment course from Stanford conversation happening in 101. #EdCampSeattleEdCampSeattle
#edcampseattle @CoachCreach informal meetup in rm 101Richard Kassissieh

Integrating math & literature

We’re looking at text through a mathematical lens! #EdCampSeattleElizabeth Anderson
@MsHoughton is integrating all kinds of great amazingness linking math & lit #EdCampSeattle Johnson
RT @cherylsteighner: High tech read aloud by @MsHoughton. #extrayarn #edcampseattle
Document for Deepening Lit & Math Connections: #edcampseattleEdCampSeattle

Rubric resources

Ryan sharing about his iPad rubric app #edcampseattle Ingersoll
#Rubric Resources: Valid Assessment of Learning: Rubistar: #edcampseattleDavid Wicks
Rubrics #edcampseattle curtis
More rubrics #edcampseattle curtis
.@cherylsteighner #iPad #rubric #app not available yet. Looking for teacher feedback right now. Beta soon. #edcampseattle.David Wicks

Learning Management Systems

What do you need/want out of a learning management system? Love/Hate Moodle, Canvas, Edmodo, Haiku, etc? Come chat! #edcampseattle rm 202Lindsey Own
LMS Session: We want grading flexibility, an instructional designer, good tech support #edcampseattleJaniess Sallee
LMS Session: We want live collaboration; feedback b/w teacher & student, good UI #edcampseattleJaniess Sallee
Frustrations around technology access & w/using new technology shouldn’t inhibit implementing stuff, solving problems teaches #edcampseattleBriana Johnson
@janiesssallee concur we cant just hand a piece of tech to tchr and expect them to understand its value. #edcampseattleRethn1k
Having a discussion about what a learning management system should look like at #EdCampSeattle
Having a conversation about our teachers and students needing to develop more click confidence at #EdCampSeattlejakebooker
What’s your greatest barrier to learning new technology? LMS Session: TIME #edcampseattleJaniess Sallee
Having a conversation at #EdCampSeattle and I had an idea… What if our learning management system was based on the google earth platform?jakebooker
Tech developers need deep ed pedagogy understanding. #edcampseattle @reth1nk @yeomanscholar @k_c_m_c Own

Connecting with #edCampPDX via G+ Hangout

Sending out good vibes to our compadres at #EdCampPDX. <3 <3 <3 #EdCampSeattle We may want to institute an unofficial competition.EdCampSeattle
BREAKING NEWS: #EdCampPDX and #EdCampSeattle to collaborate on LIVE Google Hangout ON AIR today at 1:30. Link to follow. #edchat #isedchatMike Gwaltney
#edcampseattle session 3 starting nowish. Impromptu video chat with #edcamppdx in 101Jac de Haan
Hanging out with #edcampseattle and #edcamppdxSean Williams


#edcampseattle smack down – end of a great day. de Haan
SmackDown 1 @techwithintent: Think Link #EdCampSeattleEdCampSeattle
SmackDown 2 @techwithintent BONUS SITE Academic Recess. #EdCampSeattleEdCampSeattle
SmackDown 3 Explain Everything #EdCampSeattle (similar to
SmackDown 4 @DanaBettinger Remind 101, a way to text family cell phones. #EdCampSeattleEdCampSeattle
SmackDown 5 @ChangeMySchool #EdCampSeattleEdCampSeattle
SmackDown6 @ThinkGal shares wisdom from a 17-year-old regarding iPad must-knows: Big Text, Dropbox, Comic apps, Deviant Art. #EdCampSeattleEdCampSeattle
SmackDown 7 Super-rad Rubics app!!! called RUBRICS, coming this spring to app store! #EdCampSeattleEdCampSeattle
SmackDown8 @mrmcgrann Gender Remixer #EdCampSeattle AMAZING!EdCampSeattle
Kinda thinking about doing a smack down session with my students. #itskindalikeshowandtell #edcampseattleCheryl Steighner

End of a full day of learning

#edCampSeattle giving away a school-wide site license for @Flocabulary right now – thanks for the support!Jac de Haan
@techwithintent @Flocabulary OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGEdCampSeattle
Thanks for helping to organize! “@techwithintent: After a full work week, #teachers head to #edCampSeattle”Richard Kassissieh
@MsHoughton @SuperBetter the #edcampseattle tweets have been superinteresting to follow!!Jane McGonigal
Thank you to all who came out to the very first #edcampseattle! Great conversations today. Leaving inspired and motivated!Cheryl Steighner
So sad I missed #EdCampSeattle but really loving all the tweets and learning going on!Dawn Brown
We hope you had an amazing time! We did! #EdCampSeattleEdCampSeattle
All Smiles #edcampseattlejcurtis4082